21.03.2022: Six new deliverables done!

We can proudly announce that we have finished six additional project deliverables:D2.1: Requirements and expected benefits of flexibility marketsD4.2: Development of the operational and planning tools for the provision flexibility servicesD5.1 Concepts for control algorithmsPart 1: Flexibility Service MechanismPart 2: Operation and Visualization ConceptD5.2: Evaluation of control algorithms based on literature and simulative testing and … Read more

26.07.2021: First results

A lot has happened since our project kickoff in the end of 2019: We had big plans for international exchanges and travel between the partners’ home countries. We were looking forward to getting first-hand knowledge about TUD’s Smart Grid Technology Lab in Germany, as well as DTU’s SYSLAB in Denmark. And we were drafting outlines … Read more

03.02.-04.02.2020: Kick Off Meeting!

HONOR was officially started in the beginning of February 2020. Partners from four different countries met in Dortmund to lay out the foundation for an ambitious research project.