26.07.2021: First results

A lot has happened since our project kickoff in the end of 2019: We had big plans for international exchanges and travel between the partners’ home countries. We were looking forward to getting first-hand knowledge about TUD’s Smart Grid Technology Lab in Germany, as well as DTU’s SYSLAB in Denmark. And we were drafting outlines for face-to-face co-creation workshops with stakeholders.Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic forced a hold on these activities and the consortium had to postpone a large share of tasks, restructure and adapt their plans to the new situation.


Now we can proudly announce that we have caught up and finished not just one but four project deliverables at once:

You can find a brief abstract of the documents as well as the respective downloads under Publications > Deliverables.


These deliverables form the first milestone in the HONOR project and set the foundation for the development of a holistic view at flexibility markets which will be defined in our future work.