21.03.2022: Six new deliverables done!

We can proudly announce that we have finished six additional project deliverables:

  • D2.1: Requirements and expected benefits of flexibility markets
  • D4.2: Development of the operational and planning tools for the provision flexibility services
  • D5.1 Concepts for control algorithms
    • Part 1: Flexibility Service Mechanism
    • Part 2: Operation and Visualization Concept
  • D5.2: Evaluation of control algorithms based on literature and simulative testing and specification of most promising approach
  • D6.2 Preliminary assessment of detection feasibility and statistical significance of models
    • Part 1: Classification of Flexibility Activation Events
    • Part 2: Uncertainty in LV State Estimation
  • D7.1: Preliminary cyber security risk assessment results

For more information, visit our deliverables page.