Project Overview

HONOR – Holistic flexibility market integration of cross sectoral energy sources

The HONOR Project is an ERA-Net funded research project aimed at development and evaluation of a trans-regional flexibility market mechanism, integrating cross-sectoral energy flexibility at a community-wide level.

The specific developments include:

  • a market mechanism for grid flexibility
  • industrial grade supervision solutions
  • data-driven state monitoring applications
  • cyber-security assessments

In order to develop a tailor made as well as replicable solution, community stakeholders will be involved through co-creation activities as well as stakeholder networks from Norway, Germany and Denmark.

Complementing the economic and risk evaluation, simulation studies of flexibility operations and cyber-security assessments, the operation of control systems algorithms and the online monitoring and detection solutions will be implemented as demonstration in a relevant environment (TRL 6). The sector-coupling market mechanism will be implemented and demonstrated in an operational environment in Wunsiedel (Germany) (TRL 7).